smoke signals

Well before I delve into all things England (or more to the point, before I buckle down and erase enough crap off my computer so that I have enough room to upload the photos of England) I wanted to post a quick update about everyone's favorite wildland firefighter!

So Jared came home July 8th after being gone for over a month and working a total of three fires down in New Mexico! We finally caught up with each other at breakfast this morning beforSeƱor Fuego drove off into the afternoon toward Lakeview, Oregon where he will be staging for the next month-and-a-half waiting for another fire.

Hearing and seeing him talk about life on the fire lines only proves what we've all known for a long time... He loves this. God has him doing exactly what he's meant to do in life and I for one couldn't be happier for him.

So keep the prayers and good thoughts coming in the weeks ahead! I'll keep everyone updated as I hear from Jared (and post pictures as I get them)!

(photo by Jared's buddy Chuck from the 2010 fire season)