happy birthday, dad!

This is woefully late, but have I mentioned lately how great my dad is? 

I mean really, let's take a moment to think about it...

This is the guy who, though he once claimed he never wanted to have kids, sends me weekly emails just to tell me how grateful he is for the chance to be my dad.

He's the one who has given me pink roses every birthday since I was born, always making sure there is one bloom for every year.

The guy who made me "The Vice President In Charge of the President" of Private Preserve when I was like what, a toddler?

My dad is the one who helped out in my classrooms all throughout elementary school, who instilled in me a love of the written word, raised me to love God and love others and who has shown me time and again, through his actions and his very life itself, that honesty and character are far more important than most everything else.

So here's to a belated, but no less enthusiastic,


to my one and only Dad-n!


  1. this is so tender. i typically hate that word, but it's perfect for this. WEEKLY emails?! that's the cutest.