And then he was 3...

On May 13, 2011 I could not imagine what life would look like three years later. The sun would shine, the days would begin, but the circumstances of my life were not what I had hoped. But then, all of a sudden - and by all of a sudden I mean almost 40 hours – a message rang through on my phone. And there on my screen was a picture of the boy who would change life forever. In an instant, I became an aunt for the first time and nothing would ever be the same. And from the first time I held that tiny - and again here, by tiny I mean almost 10lbs – baby boy I knew my heart was on its way to holding more love than I’d have thought possible. Jack, you are the absolute light of your auntie’s life and though I've said it before, I’ll say it again because a child should never have to go a single day without hearing it… You are loved from the moment you wake up to the instant you fall asleep, and every second in between. Never in my life could I have dreamed up a sweeter, funnier, smarter, mac-and-cheese-loving-er, ABC-singing-er, thirteen-books-before-naptime-ing-er boy if I even tried! Sweet baby Jack, you’re not a baby anymore but you will always be my first nephew and seeing your tiny face on the day you were born will forever be one of my most treasured memories. 

Love you all the live long day, little man! 



  1. You are the sweetest aunt! And I love that picture of you two. <3

  2. "You have learned well, Sweathopper"!