i had a monty python joke set to go for a title but it took too long to explain and I think I'm the only one who thought it was funny

the most accurate portrait of how life's been lately

It seems like quite the trend lately to let Instagram completely eat up the once beloved platform of proper blogging and if that is indeed the case, then consider me right on the mark here. 

It’s been a weird sort of writer’s block (if that’s even the issue) when it comes to updating things here lately and while I’ve gone through spurts of being both super dedicated and falling off the blogging wagon (this wagon, I’m guessing, would no doubt be a DIY project covered in pictures of our feet and objects held in one hand against a neutral background made into some sort of homemade wallpaper and then photographed against a rustic nature scene)… 

Oh lord, I’ve already lost my point. There was too much of an aside there...

Point here being that while I still take pictures of every single thing that happens on a day to day basis (sorry IG, you knew what you were getting into when you followed me), I’m not entirely sure I miss keeping this page up to date. I still love reading everyone’s posts (and seriously, just because I don’t comment, it doesn’t mean I don’t read your posts! I just read them all on my phone and haven’t found a solid way to comment without making me want to chuck my phone into the nearest gorge...). On that note though, I kind of love following life on everyone’s favorite photo platform – it seems so much more active and personal somehow, even without as many accompanying words. It must be that instantaneous nature of it.

That being said, I do want to try and get some things up on here a little more often. I miss the need to write (like I said, some sort of writer’s block… The words just ain’t coming lately… Letting the pictures do the talking…) and there has actually been so much going on that I desperately want to put into words and talk about and share, I think now it’s just a matter of not knowing where to start.

So I guess there’s a bit of a warning tangled up in this too?

More parentheticals and ellipses too, no doubt. 

There might be a few good, long, supremely overdo rambles… Pretty sure my dad will be the only one happy to see those (HI DAD!).

OH, and most importantly (and probably first post after this)… 


More on our beautiful Ramona Charlie coming soon…


  1. Oh you sweet girl! I always look forward to your posts. I love your language. Missing you dearly and I cannot wait to explore Glacier with you this fall. -Dani

  2. Well...don't know about 'the only one", but your post has surely brightened my night! Oh...and made me smile, which you have done for over 28 years! So, I am feeling good with the world hearing some insight from my most important...

    Love you the most...