montana | a preface

The plan was to go to Montana for a week. 

The plan was to hit the mental reset button and start with a clean slate for a new year. 

The plan was to listen that little voice that kept telling me I'd find whatever it was I was looking for at the other end of 500 miles...

...And by the time I crossed into the state I still wonder if I just dreamed up in all its magnificence, that voice that started as a gentle purr had grown and bellowed to an all-out roar.

And with that roar, Montana did exactly what I needed it to do and welcomed me home.

John Muir was right...

Wherever we go in the mountains,
we find more than we seek. 


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip and that you get the clean slate you wanted!! :) 2015 is gonna be killer for you, I just know it!

    1. Muir. The other man of my of my dreams.
      Happy 2015!

  2. LOVE that Montana did this for you. Also, love you. Hoping and praying 2015 is sweet!