love ya, bye

 Last night my sweet grandma went home to be with the God she loved her whole life. 

Ila Jean Farmer lived for over 90 years and spent every moment she was able living that life for others. She was the most generous woman I've ever known. If she could help someone in any way, she did. If it was within her power to help carry another's burden, she was the first to offer her hand. 

Few people on this earth walk the walk, choosing instead to just talk the talk and hope no one notices... She couldn't do that. She followed her words with action, and chose honesty and hard work over every easier road she could have taken. She loved deeply and truly, never letting the people in her life doubt for even a moment that she was on their side. 

We had a long time to prepare for her passing and though it always hits hard when it finally happens, my dad, my mom and I all agree the tears are those of happiness - happiness for a woman who spent her whole life loving God, following Jesus and making sure her son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter knew that Love was theirs too. 

And last night at around 7:30pm, all I can say is there had to have been a big smile on His face as he said the words she waited 90 years to hear... 

"Well done, good and faithful servant." 

You did it, MawMaw... Welcome home.


  1. My Sweet Child...

    I just wish your "MawMaw" could read your post...though she would not know what to say. I am touched to my soul with your words...and can only add that I could not have petitioned God for a finer mother, or example of living a giving life. Mom did not know the concept of "quit" till the task was done...and she never stopped loving her small family because that was never done, nor did she think it as a task. I am filled with joy that you were able to know her for 28 years...and she would tell you that too...if she could.

    You, and your mom were as much a part of her loving life as my father, and me...she simply loved us.

    And...I love you, but you knew that...

  2. What Beautiful Lives. Your grandmother, your parents and you.
    Prayers to all.

  3. Boo...

    Today, at 1pm Napa time, I helped (in a small way), place the last earthly vestiges of my mother into the Earth that God created. She is where I want to be someday (not too soon)...her tasks here done, and her legacy left for us to ponder, and appreciate. I have gained insight into the transition we all must make...and, with a full heart that is filled with God's grace and love, I have less fear for what comes day by day, and more joy for a future with the Lord. Thinking of you...I feel that my life has been completed with the true grace of our Creator.

    I feel so fortunate tonight for what God has granted me...