just know this...

One of these days I'll actually do a real post about our most incredible, epic and offensive Thanksgiving to date…

And one of these days I'll actually remember that I do have a blog…

But until then, here it is: proof that our little family of misfits can take a nice picture.

I could just pour my heart out for these people, and I will eventually when I get my act together and flip the blogger switch back on in my brain, but if nothing else know that we've got something going for us…

Love. Nothing but love. 

Because that's how we roll.


I also want to say to all of you that while I've been awful at commenting lately, I have been reading all of your blogs and following IG and want you to know how incredible you all are! The reader I use on my phone (Feedly) is pretty good but commenting is a beast to figure out and I never remember to come back later but I've loved seeing all of the adventures y'all are having and hope you continue to know how valued and amazing these friendships are!


  1. I hear ya! Sometimes blogging just doesn't come as easily as it once did. Maybe it will again someday. : ) Hope your Thanksgiving was amazing!