where am I? oh, here I am.

Good morning.

Is it December? 

I'm pretty sure it is, but my sense of reality is a little shaky lately and mostly I can't tell which foot to put in front of the other because it seems like all I ever do is work and fall asleep on the couch by 9:30 to the sounds of Doctor Who (which leads to some very interesting dreams as you can imagine but hey, bow ties are cool and now I want a fez) (where was I?). 

Life lately. 

It's mad and wonderful and trying and fulfilling and at the end of the day sometimes there isn't enough wine in the world and I totally get it now why Don Draper has a bar in his office and if I could get away with it I sometimes think it would be beneficial for all of us if I kept a flask of whiskey at my desk but I left my flask in North Carolina and won't see it until a certain staff sergeant rolls back into the Pacific Northwest sometime in January and good lord, it is so cold here I can't feel my face and can't seem to procure enough faux fur blankets to insulate myself properly but instead seem to further the evolution of my apartment from attic studio to full-on wild kingdom with animal pelts and antlers thrown about all willy nilly and yet I can't complain because one of the added bonuses to living in this arctic north is that I can leave a cold beer on my coffee table and Oregon will be a dear and keep it nice and frosty for me.

So win win win.

Also, the fact that I mentioned three kinds of adult beverages in that mess up there should in no way cause alarm but rather emphasize the need for cocktail hour to come back with a vengeance. 

Anyway… How are you lot?


  1. It has been extremely cold. think we will get snow? :)

  2. There is a bar at my work and it's always heartbreaking for it to be so close yet so far in times of need ;)

  3. How early can you start drinking? Today is one of those days already. Is noon okay?