golden state | part two

Oh! And guess what! I also got to see two of my other halves!

Because the stars aligned, the planets were all in retrograde and the tides were in. Or out. Or whatever tides do that have some effect on the moon. 

In any case, I got to see Katy AND Brigette after nearly three years and life was all as it should be. 

And at this point in the program, two things should be noted:

1. Katy and I have been meeting up at Oxbow Market every time we both manage to get ourselves to Napa at the same time for I don't even know how many years and this was the first time we've eaten at any other restaurant besides Pica Pica. And it was well worth it because between my shrimp pad thai and her brussels sprout & pumpkin pizza (and the carafe of sauvignon blanc we split) I think we need to install Kitchen Door in my apartment.

2. Cardamom ice cream. That's all. Oh, and eat it with chocolate ice cream. Yes. Do it.

And then… AND THEN! Brigette got there. And while our spastic planning (which wasn't planning at all because much the same way Katy and I just happened to realize we'd be in town at the same time, Brig and I realized that she could make the drive from Cambria the same weekend I was there… Though not the same time Katy was there which actually makes this a fail for the universe but, eh, next time universe… I have no idea where I planned to take this train of thought) left something to be desired, we proceeded to make everyone around us nervous for their safety and our sanity in no time.

And OH! It didn't take us long to make up for the lost two and half years.

We were back up to our old shenanigans in no time. She tackled me on the couch, we drank a lot of champagne, and when we couldn't decide on cake or ice cream we got cake and ice cream. Two different kinds of ice cream. 


And while seven days went by so much faster than I'd hoped, that little jaunt back home was just what I needed. I've spent a lot of time and energy hating on California but this time, I really, really enjoyed it. 

But that doesn't mean I wasn't happy to see that tacky green carpet when I landed back at PDX.

Home sweet home.


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