Of all the people who read my blog on the regular, none keep tabs on it quite like my dad (Hi, Daddy!). 

Even with all of the friendships that have sprung out of this little world, and as much as I truly love being able to communicate with you all from all around the world, I think my main motivation is my dad. 

Always my biggest supporter when it came to keeping this little thing up, he eagerly awaits every post in the same way I remember waiting for JK Rowling to stop twiddling her thumbs and get the next book out already (sidenote: anyone else catch that bit about her saying she wishes Hermione had ended up with Harry?). And when I got myself on this hiatus I seem to have landed on, I felt bad about not keeping up with things. There are so many bloggers out there who apologize to their readers for falling off the radar and being "bad bloggers" but much as I'd love to imagine you all out there waiting breathlessly for the next installment here (that's what Instagram is for anyway, right?) I know the only person I really want to get back at this thing for is him.

So Daddy, I'm going to work harder to keep this up and get things rolling again. Because I do miss it, but you know better than most the way we Farmers can get easily distracted and caught up in every. other. little. thing.

But I'm working on it. So we'll see how it goes in 2014.


  1. Boo....
    Made me smile...!

  2. I've actually gained the inspiration to bring my blog back up to speed as well. It will be under transformation soon!