Eagle Creek

I’ll be honest with you here… I’m not exactly full of the blogging juice lately. Writing is not coming easily and all I can think about is being outside – except Oregon has now decided that it’s time to revert back to its moody grey sky stasis and keep a steady drizzle of meh coming.

So rather than any kind of half-assery, I’m just going to post all of the pictures from our hike a couple of weekends ago.

Eagle Creek.

Over 16 miles all together.

We are so going back to hike all the way to the lake at the top and stay the night.

And meanwhile, because army man had the weekend off and I was working like a fool, he went on an amazing overnight hike that I will no doubt be forced to con him into going on again so that I can play too. And judging by the highly garbley Face Time call he attempted when they got to the old abandoned fire lookout they stayed the night in, I will be falling all over myself with the natural beauty of it when I get there someday. 

And hopefully there won't be quite as much snow because while I don't doubt that I could make it, there's more than a slight chance I'd come home with some battle wounds.

Lairen vs. Nature... Celebrity Deathmatch (anyone else miss/kinda creeped out by that show?)

OK… Eagle Creek… Enjoy!

Jake fueling up on the drive out to the gorge… And yes, using a KaBar to slice cheese… And wearing my sunglasses
punchbowl falls

 The boys built a pretty badass little campfire to roast our Lil' Smokies over

And our little halfway treat: Bulleit Rye

That water felt heavenly 8 miles in...

Someone had built a fort at our campsite… And because I'm approximately 12 years old I made Bryan take a picture of me playing in it.

We decided to give ourselves a quick nap by the creek before heading back out… It was glorious

And oh HEY, majestic much?

And it bears mentioning that Roxy was relieved we made it back safely.


  1. I LOVE the pictures of y'all together. Also, the rainbows and waterfalls and greenness and beauty. I never woulda thunk that Oregon had that many waterfalls. Amazing!