Lairen pretends to like running

Anyone who knows me knows I hate working out. 

Despise it. 

I actually wrote a delightful little tribute to it last year.

In spite of that however, there's this guy I know and he's got this drive and determination that kind of rubs off on you after a while.

So basically this is all Bryan's fault.

Really though, the fact that Bryan has been diligent about eating right and working out since he got out of the army and moved back to Oregon has just been the catalyst I needed to follow through with wanting to get better. 

I've never been a good runner, even when I ran track in high school. After two laps around the track, I was toast - even when I was training every. damn. day.

And people wonder why I get so easily discouraged.

But I've always wanted to run. I don't know why. 

Well, more to the point, I wanted  to want to run. Know what I'm trying to say? It was just always there in my mind wanting the grit needed to actually do it.

Regardless though, lately I've just really been wanting to improve my overall quality of life and that has brought me here. So when Jen asked me if I wanted in on this series I figured it was a sign from above that I was on the right track here.

So I'm buckling down and paying more attention to what I eat, focusing more on whole, solid foods that don't leave me feeling full… of regret… Basically nothing too cheesy, doughy, fatty… You know, all that hearty winter goodness that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

Unfortunately it makes you look all fuzzy on the outside.

So with that I'm trying to get into the habit each week of meal prepping a few chicken breasts, a couple cups of quinoa, chopping veggies, keeping raw nuts and lots of fruit on hand, and finally making that cauliflower alfredo sauce that keeps making its way around Pinterest (delicious, by the way) and putting it on everything.

Also - no alcohol during the week.

That's the tough one.

I gave up on that while in Indiana (for good reason) but now I'm getting back at it.

Water and water based beverages (tea and coffee in moderation) only.

I already want cheese and wine. But whatever.

And meanwhile, I've enlisted Bryan to keep me accountable. So far he's doing a great job - an assessment I am making one day in and basing solely on the fact that he doesn't laugh at how pathetically slow and easily winded I am.

"I will never make fun of someone who actually gets out and tries!!!" says he.

"You haven't seen me dying on a trail after running for approximately 1.3454657 minutes." says I.

And before I go and leave you all motivated from my thoroughly enthusiastic approach to all of this, it's worth mentioning how much this is freaking out my friends, as witnessed by their reactions when I posted that screen shot of the trail...

Keep me accountable, guys. I really don't want to give up this time.


  1. My goals are very similar to yours but I'm not giving up alcohol or cheese, never cheese. But I am giving up meat and that is proving to be a lot tougher than it seems.

  2. I LOVED this because yes, yes I am also horribly awful at running. And I too have always wanted to be the kind of person who can get out there and run for 20 miles without breaking too much of a sweat-not because I wanted to be super fit, but because that kind of endurance is a really good kind of grit. So I've been running every day for the last month and a half (okay, almost every day) on my treadmill waiting for the weather to warm up so that I can take it to the trails and sidewalks. I have noticed a difference! I just keep telling myself that if I walk slowly towards my goals rather than trying to bolt for them, that I will actually make it this time because I'm doing it the only way that really works for me.

    We're in this together friend! Good to have you :)

  3. Boo,

    Throughout my life, I have always just sat down to consider when I thought I wanted to run...and sitting long enough always brought reason back to my life. However, quail season brings a different mindset, and motivation. Walking from sun up to sun set chasing these elusive upland birds provides a goal that I cannot, 6 to 8 miles in the heat, cold, rain or shine through some challenging terrain tuckers me out, and aches the muscles...but the goal makes it impossible to resist. Does hurt more in Sept. than Jan. as I play myself into shape.


  4. YES! Love that you are now a runner!! :)

    And your friends are hilarious.

  5. Steve and I are going to start running ("running" haaa) again next week. I miss being able to say, "I ran 4 miles earlier today," like he does. I miss 30-40 minutes of no one touching me as I push the toddler chariot into the wind. Mostly I miss my pants fitting properly, so once the chocolate cake is gone (ahem, tonight, ahem), I'll be right next to ya. (I have a feeling that if we actually got together to work out, our mouths would be the only thing running a mile a minute..)