14 hours on the road

Just… Lean into it…

I took approximately a lifetime's worth of photos in the 4 days I was in Red Lodge.

And now this blog must pay the price.

Blue eyed babies and brown eyed boys. 

Those nephews of mine are just killer.

Tristen's eyes though.

To be perfectly frank, I prefer painting without pants, too.

This one got a bath every night I was there. 

Boys = noise covered in dirt

And then there's Jack's love of books.

No fewer than a dozen books. At least once a day. Everyday.

And once he's done reading, he might finally get sleepy.

And sleepy Jack sometimes gets grumpy.

And it's really cute.

Also, this technique is innovative.

I have the painting to prove his skills.

The only evidence I have that I did anything else in Montana other than take pictures of Jack and Tristen are the following photos… After all that snow, it cleared into a perfect spring day.

Until next time, Red Lodge.

I miss you already.


  1. I am so glad that you know this sweet family. You have such an incredible circle of friends because YOU ARE such an incredible friend. It does not go unnoticed. Love you <3