For a while there...

For a while there, I felt like I was really on a roll. I gave into the illusion that life was finally on all the tracks I wanted it to be on and was ready to just coast into summer.

God had other plans.

And true to his form, he knocked me back into the reality I was kind of trying to ignore and while I'm coming out of that little blip a little fazed, a little bruised, and without the stiffest of upper lips (at least not all the time)… I know I'm on a good path again. 

And I trust Him.

Because while I was sitting around feeling sorry for myself, life was happening all over the place.

And it was pretty lovely.

Kittens yawned.

I racked up the miles.

This beauty and her Che Dog healed the roughened edges of my heart.

I acquired another animal artifact and got probably way too excited about it.

I ate fresh peaches and bananas drizzled with our blood orange olive oil.

I confirmed my suspicion that a good glass of rosé can do a world of good when you're not feeling like the warrior you wish you could be.

And that a well-timed puppy snuggle is one of the purest gifts we'll ever receive. 

(Juliana handed him over shortly after this was taken - and then I sniffed his puppy breath for too long)


  1. But wait, I want to go to that dinner party in the first picture!

    "You say all my bridges have been burned, I say that's exactly how this grace thing works"

    Mumford always knows the answer. Love you!!

  2. I'm sorry for whatever you are going through but it seems like you are putting that warrior shield on and fighting through it. :) And yes, a glass of rosé really does cure all.