the barn

some tents

the offices (where jared is camped out)

the other guys' tents in the barn

the "kitchen"

oh, and the boy himself!
So Jared, known as "Doc" to his GFP crew thanks to his sweet EMT skills coming in handy down on the New Mexico fires, has been staging down in Lakeview, Oregon since mid-July waiting for the next dispatch. It's nothing fancy, and he's dying for more fire, but he seems to be having his own brand of fun hanging out at their camp.

Last week the guys got together and bought some new toys (a Total Gym, some free weights, etc.) so he said it's kind of gone from refugee camp (what with all of them living either in tents pitched inside the barn or, like Jared, commandeering one of the old offices) to prison yard. Nice.

As it stands now he will be down there until at least August 30th, unless they get a dispatch then it's all up to Mother Nature.

So keep praying and sending the good juju his way! He's having a blast doing what he loves!


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