recipe | rosemary potato pizza with bleu cheese & arugula

When a man takes a bite of the pizza you've made and says he'd leave his husband and turn straight for you if it meant this pizza for dinner every night, you know you've done something right

That's why I like cooking for my boys ((and their boys)).

I originally made this pizza for a work project to pair with one of our wines and decided after the first bite that I'd probably need to make it at least once a week. Because my arteries don't hate me enough already.

But caution to the wind and such! Pizza for everyone, says I!

And wine. Always wine.


Rosemary Potato Pizza with Bleu Cheese & Arugula

1 cup balsamic vinegar
1 cup red wine
Pinch of brown sugar
½ potato, halved and thinly sliced
½ sweet onion, halved and sliced
6-12 cloves of garlic, peeled and slightly smashed
1 tbsp. fresh rosemary, minced and divided
Shredded parmesan cheese
Fresh arugula, coarsely chopped
Bleu cheese dressing (smoked bleu cheese, if possible)
Pizza dough (packaged or homemade)
Salt & pepper as needed
Butter as needed (for sautéing)

1. Prep pizza dough and preheat oven according to package instructions. Spread a hearty layer of bleu cheese dressing across surface of dough, arrange uncooked potato slices on pizza and set aside.
2. In a small saucepan, bring balsamic and wine to a boil and reduce by about half or until liquid thickens slightly. Stir in brown sugar and adjust sweetness to taste. Set aside (it will thicken a little more as it cools).
3. In a medium skillet, heat a bit of butter of medium-high heat and lightly brown onion and garlic cloves, adding a pinch of salt and pepper to taste. As it starts to sizzle, toss in ½ tbsp. freshly minced rosemary and cook about 1 more minute then remove from heat.
4. Add onion and garlic to the pizza making sure at this point the whole surface is covered with potato, onion and garlic. Sprinkle desired amount of shredded parmesan cheese on top along with remaining rosemary. Drizzle about half (or desired amount) of the balsamic-pinot reduction over the surface. Cook in oven until dough is done and cheese is slightly golden and bubbling (about 15-20 minutes or per package instructions from the dough).
5. Once done, remove pizza from oven and drizzle remaining balsamic-wine reduction over the top. Sprinkle coarsely chopped arugula on top and enjoy!


  1. Ugh I want this so badly!! This whole wisdom teeth thing is really annoying me. I just want real food!

  2. OH man, pizza with wine...I can do that.

  3. Looks delicious! xoxo