that time shamoo was literally the only straight man at the party

Among everything else I've been all kinds of not posting on here, Andrew's birthday ranks pretty high on the list of regrettably untold stories. 

Only guy I know who could turn his birthday party into a fundraising event sponsored by Jager and American Harvest. But all for a great cause and $2,600 later we can chalk it up to a success, eh?

The venue was the rooftop hot tub of Andrew and Eric's building so, uh, holy-natural-lighting, Batman. Photo heaven. I barely had to touch the photos. But mostly I can attribute that to the fact that these are some of the best-kept men in Portland so really, what else would I have been expecting?

Best prom picture ever?

Moment to pause here and HOOT & HOLLER about the Supreme Court's decision today making marriages like Andrew and Eric's ((and Frankie & Matty's!)) legal! Huge step in the right direction of doing away judgement and discrimination in this country!

I should point out here that no girls at this party were wearing this shade...

...And that Shane was ironically dubbed the "designated nice person".


But seriously, their mama did a good job with these boys.

((also fun to point out that Shamoo is Eric's little brother))

Wine, Mt. Dew, various sparklies and glitter... Andrew, in a nutshell.

Oh hey! I was there too.

I wish I looked as good as that in my swimsuit.

In all fairness, they do say to keep it on ice.

When was the last time I mentioned how much I love this city? Really, that long?


Allie McQueen ((right)) taking fierce to a whole. notha. level.

"Oh my god, will you take a picture of me with the token straight guy?!"

Shamoo is famous.

Stalking her prey at the watering hole...

Roy and Cory! I like them.

"No, I can't! Be careful! And okay, yeah, we've got a wet t-shirt contest going on with my shorts right now..."


Like I said... The night was a total success. 


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