"you should"

Trolling through my Facebook last night I came back to this photo.

I took this two years ago, when I was still very much up in the air and there was no soft landing in sight. After a long day at work I had needed an escape. I was desperately looking for a hideout from everything that was going on and as I passed by my favorite neighborhood spot, I impulsively pulled off the road for a beer and a little commune with Vonnegut.

When Justin ((ya'll know him as Shamoo)) made the comment that I should be a "professional" it seriously made my whole day, but my reply was exactly what I thought of it at the time.

A dream.

Two years later I really do feel like it's a bit of a dream I've landed in. Just the other day I was talking to my buddy Brett about it and how I still can't quite believe I'm getting paid to take pictures.

All this to say do it. Dream away. 

Hey... You never know.