life at the heathman

Somewhere between taking my rightful place atop the "least-consistent blogger of the year" list and driving up to Washington here, my plan was to share with you all a picture of my magnificent shin bruise - a bruise so commanding that Blake and I named it ((Frederick K. Bruisenberg, for those who were wondering)) - but then thought better of it.

Don't worry. I fully intend to share the bruise pic with you at some point. 

But for now I'm going to relish in my first ever work trip and feel fancy here at this amazing hotel where I have a king-sized bed so comfortable it offends reason all to myself.

And dwell on a meal of Spring Pea & Carrot Risotto ((let's put fresh parsley and dill on everything from now on, yes?)), Roasted Beets and a NZ sauvignon blanc. Because I have no shame in being that girl eating alone at the fancy restaurant, taking pictures of her food and laughing almost out loud ((read: almost snorting)) because David Sedaris made her do it.

((final sidenote: just go get his new book already))

Meanwhile, goodnight.

I have to be at work at 6:30am.

Not too upset about it.


  1. Yes. To lots of comfy sleeping room, a wonderful meal and that wine. Yes.