a very merry un-fourth

First of all, I make no apologies for how woefully late I am at posting these pictures.

B) I'm also not too concerned about the way I seem to have lost my words and begun to rely solely on photos when it comes to blog posts as though I'm bent on bringing back hieroglyphics as man's primary form of documentation.

 III. Let's take a moment to focus on how Kirsti, upon lighting her sparkler, immediately struck the pose of a wizarding duel ((see photo three)), thus proving again why we all adore her.

And lastly, the picture of Ryan below is one of my most prized ((and accidental)) captures of all time. I love photography. And Jodi's family.

Also if note: Scott busted out a spool of electrical wire and a detonator to make this the best home fireworks show of my life.

Boom boom.


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