they may as well be applying for college...

Kamdyn Michael, barely two months shy of THREE years old!
((photo swiped from FB - had to share the cute, Andrea!))

These babies are speeding past being "babies" and working real hard on being full-blown kids

I'm only mildly okay with this. 

At least I have baby Tristen. He's still just a little nugget.


So here are some toddling toddlers ((and one very chubby baby)) to carry you through the week. 

Squeal on.
Eleanora Violet, a little over two years old

Jack, two years old going on fourteen from the looks of it
((I'm pretty thrilled Laura finally got Instagram so I can steal pictures of her babies))

Tristen Hurst, about eight weeks old when this was taken
((again, nabbed from Papa John's FB))

Seriously though, how much do you want to squeeze that fat little baby tummy? 

Boom. I'm a goner. 


  1. Oh my goodness! That precious little tummy is just begging to be kissed! How adorable!