fort wayne or bust

This is it ya'll...

( sidenote: Jenn is teaching me to talk like a proper southerner)

In less than 9.5 hours I will be 30,000 feet above headed straight for Indiana.

(Straight here meaning almost-but-not-quite-because-I've-got-that-pesky-layover-in-Denver)

Andrea & Dave are getting married in TWO DAYS!

This is blowing my mind.

I'm so excited.

Fort Wayne, brace yourself.

On another note, my computer is coming with me this time so I'll try to be ever-diligent with random postings here and there. Yes. Ever-diligent. Random postings. You see what I did there. That's all you can hope for.

It's probably going to be a lot of pictures of Kamdyn.

You've been warned.