fort wayne family fun time

Remember that time I saw Jack as a full-blown 14 month old when the last time I had seen him he was but six small weeks?

Well let me tell you about the time I saw Kamdyn in all his two year old glory after having not seen him since he was 3 months old.

The tiny cooing baby I've had in my mind for the last two years is now a bounding toddler running around with Thomas the Tank Engine saying "Bay choo-choo! Baby choo-choooooo!" and jumping from ottoman to sofa with a resounding "Rrrrriiiiibbbbittttt!" as he faceplants into the cushions where he proceeds to giggle like a little fool until another wind picks him up to do it again.

And again and again and again and again.

I ask you, where does one find the stamina of a two year old?

(probably somewhere between my three hours of sleep and the drive from Indianapolis to Fort Wayne, that's where)

All that aside, things here are hustlin' with Andrea and Dave's wedding in about 7 hours (!!!!!!!) and now that I've had a reasonable night's sleep or two (and as soon as I can track down a cup of coffee the size of  Indiana) we'll be in high gear.

Even with the sleep deprivation I had a hard time falling asleep the past couple nights. It was so intensely wonderful to see Andrea and Dave and Kamdyn and Sue and Alyssa (and to meet Luke, Alyssa's husband!) and Terra and Forrest and Dakota and Tom and the grandparents…

I may tip over with uncontrollable excitement.


  1. Awww...I hope you are having the best time! And I hope the wedding is/was awesome!