CAP // 2013 Art Auction

Stupid faces in car mirrors are a great way to warm up the photography muscles.

Saturday night, as evidenced by the slashed up outer edge of my right foot ((darn you, shoes! I even tried to be sensible and wear flats! A curse on both your houses!)), the Cascade AIDS Project  Art Auction was a raging success - and, despite that foot casualty - quickly became my new favorite thing to photograph ((that might be a lie - weddings are still my favorite)).

Now I'm pretty excited about any chance to get all gussied up, grab my camera and get paid to do something I love but shoot, I'd have done this for nothing. 

I know I've said it over and over but truly - this was an honor. 

((ignore the iPhone quality, but is this even real? I felt so official!))

By most last counts, well over $600,000 was raised for the fight against HIV/AIDS - give me a minute to wrap my head around that

Over $600,000!

To say the night was a success would be the classic undersell. To say I was overwhelmed by the generosity, hope, love, support and dedication in the Memorial Coliseum that night would be putting it lightly.

This was one of the most amazing events I've ever been a part of. 

Thanks again to Andrew and the whole CAP team for an incredible night! 

Youngberg Hill owner Wayne Bailey and family - these guys are just the best! I'd met Wayne and his daughter at the Artist Reception last month and seriously, they are doing a tremendous job with this little girl. She is a kick and so sweet & kind!

Like Peter Pan, I take my shadow on every adventure.

I will go ahead and hope Andrew isn't mad for me posting this picture.

Andrew's dashing husband ((and Shamoo's brother)) Dr. Eric Shayde there in the middle.


The Portland Gay Men's Choir a capella group Cascade performing "Bohemian Rhapsody" - and then I died, it was so good! 

One of the happiest little babies alive! He and his family are helped out every day by CAP and their amazing work!

A piece by Chihuly!

This was what the crescendo of "Don't Stop Believing" looks like.

These studs...

I call this one "The Aftermath" ((a scene literally found in the middle of the dance floor))

Until the next party...


  1. Great work!! I love the last shot. They should be honored to have you working for them!