nearly there

More and more bloggers are stripping away the layers upon layers of whitewash from the public images of their lives. 

This convoluted idea of perfect is quickly becoming less and less attractive in a more honest blogging world. And with that has come a sort of wave of positivity in unleashing the negative sides of life. Not even negative, really, just... Honest. 

Honest can be beautiful; please don't think I would say otherwise. Honest can be joyful and lovely and, I dare say, perfect. 

But has anyone else noticed the turning tides here? I can't be the only one who has taken a brief inventory of things as of late and seen the paradigm shift from a world carefully curated, to the rawer, harsher, even uglier real life we all face, despite what we keep on the screen before we hit "publish".


I’ve had a hard time getting started on this post I want so badly to write. Countless drafts exist in that folder in my brain labeled “What the hell are you waiting for, you idiot” ((because my brain is nice to my psyche that way)) but that particular breed of writer’s block where you have the words, but the execution of an actual draft eludes you is bogging me down.

Even though writing is something most of us do without trying, without wanting to do it half the time, I admit that being out of an environment where the craft is constantly fostered does catch up with me – leading to rambling posts like this where I balter about with what I’m really trying to say and lead you on some haphazard scenic tour of the inside of my head.

((you probably should have packed a lunch, this is going to take a while))

What helps though is talking to people. Talk to friends. Talk to other writers.

Brett became my unwitting sounding board as I irked out loud about my frustration with getting started. Luckily, he fits both of the aforementioned criteria for help in this matter so already we were off to a good start. I’m beginning to think our brains might work in some similar ways, because with his advice I think I might actually have a decent start to this monster of a post I’ve been dallying about with for the last couple months.

So without getting too long-winded here and now, let’s just say to be continued…


  1. This new shift into "real" is really gonna hurt Pinterest. ;) But I'm loving it!

  2. Or those that constantly insist that things are not perfect, but never actually give examples? That is, perhaps, as bad as "the convoluted idea of perfect".

    I love that quotation from this post.

    (Or maybe that's the bitterness shining through again lol)

  3. this is too true. i've also noticed so many blogs becoming more real and personally i'm loving the shift! it's great to be reminded that life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful :) and this a lovely blog you have!

  4. You are a wonderful writer! And amen to the honesty is beautiful thing.

  5. I totally struggle with this...mostly because Erik is always telling me to keep my blog positive, but also because I have always turned inward when things aren't going my way, and keep it to myself. It's hard for me to talk to anyone about my problems, let alone the whole internet. BUT, I don't want anyone to think that I lead this perfect, beautiful life all the time...I just don't know how to write about my problems without sounding whiny and negative. HOWEVER, I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading people's "real" posts, and it makes me feel so much less alone when people are honest. So I know I need to work on my honesty as well. : )