As the afternoon of April 9th wore on, I found myself checking my phone every few moments, anxiously awaiting word from Laura.

Earlier that morning as I drove to Dundee to meet Janna for brunch my phone binged at me with the simple message, 
"In labor. Having baby soon. Xoxo."

I nearly drove off the road.

Just one day earlier we had talked for over an hour about how this kid was going to take his sweet time just like his brother. For pete's sake, he was due on Easter! What is it with these kids? 

((good thing they're worth the wait))

But then, after a couple more updates, this rang through...

Tristen Hurst Perrigo made it into this world at 4:02pm. 
9 lbs, 14 oz, 22 inches.

And then my heart exploded. 

 I wish so dearly that I could be there to hold this little ((not so little)) snuggle the way I held his brother two years ago, but my God, it's amazing how much you can love someone you've never met. 

Congratulations Laura, John 
& big brother Jack!

I love all four of you SO much!

((now Ashley, you better have a baby girl so Eleanora doesn't have to hold down the fort all by herself!))


  1. What a sweet bundle of joy! And what a fantastic name! Congratulations to the parents :)