Oh! And birthdays!

To my one and only Benita, happy birthday!!!

Can you believe we've known each other for nine years? I simply refuse to believe it's been so long since those days in Beta ((dorm names - takes ya back, eh?)) sitting in the softly lit suite with Christmas lights glowing late into the hours of the heaven-knows-what-time-we-stayed-up-til that first night we becomes true friends. God certainly knew what He was doing there. 

From Malibu, to London, back to Malibu, back to London, back again and then a few more cross-pond visits... You will always be one of my dearest.

Happy birthday, love!

And Frankie.

Oh, my Frankie.

Trying to remember life before you ((and that dashingly butch husband of yours!)) leaves me dumbstruck. Your heart and your compassion have found me in some of the roughest times and I am at a loss for words to tell you how much you mean to me. You are my angel, reading my heart when I want nothing more than to hide from everyone. And whenever I try to guard myself from everything and everyone, you remind me who I am and meet me in even the darkest of places, drawing me back to light.

Being able to celebrate another birthday with you is a pure honor. 

Family. You're my family. 

Happy birthday!


  1. That looks like such a fun time!! Anything with a sombrero. :)