the marriage of franklin + matthias

my theory: any day you can see mt. hood is a good day 

So no, their names aren't really Franklin and Matthias. 

But it sounds good, don't it?

Anyway, I'm going to let the pictures do the talking here. This was such a happy day. 

Regardless of where anyone stands (and I am completely respectful of people's beliefs so long as they are respectful of mine and keep hatred and bigotry out of it), the fact that these two amazing people are now legally married fills me to the brim with joy!

To witness a little piece of history being made where marriage is recognized legally so that they have all the same rights of any other devoted couple was amazing. 

When I love my friends, I love them wholly and completely. Not because of differences, not in spite of them, but regardless. And these guys? I love them so much!

Live a life of love without judgement. 

Congratulations Matty & Frankie! 
We all love you so much!
Thank you for letting me be a part of this special day! 

witnesses taking their places alongside the grooms

ya'll are so cute.
80's freeze-frame high five ending
making it official!

fun story: robin and frankie had their eyes closed, so they got cropped out... dean however looked relatively normal... the world is ending
The Wedding Party! Or, Lairen Learns How To Use The Self-Timer

taking gross advantage of being left alone in the courtroom
the honorable judge matty hernandez presiding

dinner afterward at The Blue Olive (( amazing cocktails for people in the portland area! ))

So far 2013 is doing a great job of being a year for love! 


  1. This makes me so happy! I don't even know them - but I'm so happy for them :)

  2. Love is love, plain and simple!
    I'm very happy for your friends :)