you say goodbye and I say annyong

Because I don't know how to say "goodbye" in Korean - but thanks to Arrested Development I can at least say "hello" and make an almost attempt at a Beatles reference in one fell swoop... I've already lost where I was going with that. 

BUT! Fear not faithfuls. 

Because somewhere between their trip between Atlanta and the seventh circle of hell, I GOT TO SEE JENN!!!

...And one very tired husband, a sick baby and a toddler who, despite having not slept in at least a year ((or just the whole cross-coutnry flight)) was full of more energy than a power plant.

I have the utmost respect for any parent traveling with kids, but this mama was wrangling TWO ((and about a thousand pieces of luggage)) and let's just say I should have brought whiskey instead of wine.

After work last Monday, I popped back to my apartment, loaded up a goody bag full of hot coffee, cold sauvignon blanc, cheese, salami, donuts and fruit squeezies for the kids and I was off! To Seattle! Again!

That drive and I are becoming quite fond of one another.

Read: I like driving at a speed faster than say, a mongoose on a Hoveround.

Their flight was due to get in around 1am so I had a little time to play with once I got to my little no-tell-motel near Sea-Tac. 

But ho! At about midnight I get the happiest text of the day!

"We're heeeeeeeeeerrrrrrreeeeee!!!!!"

Give or take a vowel, consonant, or exclamation point.

What followed was a five hour airpot picnic of sorts, punctuated by never-ending lines, poor feverish ginger babies and me totally falling for Sam's little giggle as we took turns chasing him around an empty baggage carousel. 

Those Dignazios man, they are troopers. I was in awe.

Even though it was the middle of the night at they were nowhere near their wits end yet, I was so happy to finally meet the rest of the family. Steve, who along with so many others ((I'm looking at you Kev, Scott, Cameron, Nathan and all the other servicemen & women!)), has risked his life for his country is possibly one of the sweetest men I've ever met. His easy-going nature ((though this may have been sleep-deprivation, ha)) kept everyone calm during what was basically your average hell on earth of a nine hour layover for his family. Jenn, you married well, lady!

And those little gingers! GAH.

((I'd like to take yet another moment to thank my friends for having such cute kids and keeping my baby-love fully stocked so I don't have full-blown baby-fever yet))

In other words, thanks for having kids so I don't have to yet :)

But in all seriousness, these little nuggets were too cute. And for being such a rough night on everyone ((and Molly being at the beginning of what apparently is a battle with MRSA?!)) they handled it like champs ((at least from my point of view... Talk to Jenn for the real answer, I'm sure)).

But between watching Molly waddle around in those pink polkadots and making faces with Sam, I was having a blast with them.

And then all too soon, after eating our fill of meat and cheese and donut holes ((because I will never be accused of coming to a party unprepared)) it was time for the clan to pack up and head to their gate.

Even though I've only spent time in real life with Jenn one other time, the thought of not seeing her again for three years made my heart ache. Even now - and only because I'm in public - am I not letting a few tears fall. Somehow, in this bizarre little land of misfits we bloggers have made for ourselves, I have been blessed to find true, heart-and-soul friendships. Maybe it's some great cosmic giggle, but no matter to me. I just can't get over my own dumb luck to have fallen in with this southern belle and her gang of goons.

Jenn, you and yours are in my prayers and I can't wait to see your faces again someday! 

And until then, that's what Skype is for!

...And we shall have happy hour from one side of the world to the other...


  1. You are amazing for driving down there and bringing snacks (and wine, obvi). So jealous you got to meet the gingers, they are so stinking cute!

  2. Cuties! How long does it take you to get to Seattle?? I spent so many miserable layovers in that (dumb) airport. I should've called you!

    Bringing hot coffee and cold wine. I can't think of a better friend :)

  3. Doughnuts AND fruit squeezies?! The kids must have looooved you! So glad you got in one last visit!

  4. Oh my goodness, what sweet pictures! I need a shot of whiskey just thinking about traveling with two kids!

    P.S. Erik and I are currently watching an Arrested Development marathon in the evenings, and your reference made me laugh out loud!