montana | baby jack, over and out

First of all, this was what awaited us when the two Wandering Photogs returned from the wedding Saturday night...

There is no topping that! Cutest nephew in the world!


My last day in Red Lodge was spent with these two. 

We woke somewhere between 6 and 7 with the Wee One rarin' to get going with his busy One Year Old's day and we were powerless to ignore his wiles! 

But why would we? There was a trip to the Wildlife Sanctuary being dangled before us and let's face it, I wanted to see the bears and elk just as much as he did. 

Maybe more.

Having said that though, it must make no sense that I didn't take a single photo of the bears or the elk!

Why? Why?!

Oh. Jack. That's right.

Better camera fodder than any old bear.

Doing his dinosaur walk

Moments later Jack decided he was terrified of donkeys

One final meal at the Red Lodge Ales Taproom filled our bellies with IPA and a rueben (and got me some more cuddles with the boy).

The Beast (my camera) was having a fit with the natural light and the perfect subject... Oddly, I could still be convinced I didn't take enough pictures of this boy. 

This smile kills me. 

I am destroyed!



The photo above was mere moments before the 2-minute meltdown that ensued when Mama had to break Baby's heart and say "No beer for you!"

But Jack got over it as soon as he realized he had an entire beer garden at his frolicking disposal.

Oh, but then it was closing in on naptime...

I wish there was some way I could have bottled these little curls at the base of that little neck to bring home with me.

 (I asked Jack if he wanted to curl up in my carry-on but he politely declined)

This was one of the sweetest moments I caught... My goodness, how she loves that baby boy

Back at the house it was time for Jack's lunch (after we all napped for two hours that is).

We woke to John making mac & cheese from scratch (yum, by the way) and managed to get a few more money shots of Jack and his belly.

And so my week in Montana drew to an all too rapid end.

Even now having been home for nearly two weeks I feel like I should still be waking up on my little inflatable bed in John & Laura's living room (which, let the record show, was only about 75,000 times more comfortable than my own bed here).

I keep telling myself that it won't be long before I get to see them all again and that even the year that passed between our last visits didn't seem more than a moment once I got there.

But still...

I miss my girl and her boys something wicked.

All this to say one last thing...

Hey Perrigos - I love you guys.

Thank you for everything, most of all for being you.

(Can I come back now?)


  1. This post makes me wish our daughter still had her baby curls. Also, now I want a reuben. : )