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What's better than a baby running around in nothing but a diaper?

Baby Jack running around in nothing but a diaper.

I think I'm still trying to get my heart rate back back down from the speed it shot to when I saw this little boy for the first time in over a year. 

When I arrived at the Billings airport, I legitimately thought I might chew through the airplane wing if I couldn't get to my girl and her boy any faster.  I knew they were there, somewhere in that airport, being all anxious (her) and adorable (him) (ok, both on that last one).

Coming up over the crest of the escalator I saw Laura standing there and we both instantly started bouncing  (which was safer for her, standing on solid ground, than it was for me, standing on a strip of metal barely more than a foot wide and carrying a bag heavy enough to throw my equilibrium into chaos which, let's be honest, isn't great even in ideal circumstances, let alone on a moving staircase).

Do I digress? I digress.

Where was I, oh yes, half-naked babies being cute...

And there was Jack. Artfully rearranging (read: dismantling) a tourist map display to suit his feng-shui fetish.

There is no denying this kid is Laura's son, but seeing babycakes for the first time since he was six weeks old I couldn't help but exclaim,

"Oh my gosh, John!"

I couldn't even tell you what it was exactly that leapt at me screaming "Perrigo!" about the boy but man, there is something intensely "Dad" about Jack.

And that's definitely part of his charm.

Give me baby feet all the time.

Colbie's got charm too. Have I mentioned how much I missed this puppy? It was amazing to see her in full "farm dog" swing, all bold and excited and pouncing on visitors - as opposed to the big-fat-scaredy-pup who used to panic in the middle of a crosswalk and glue herself to the asphalt. 

True story.

Dialing into a conference call - don't disturb the man, he's working

That face... Oh, that little face!

Ravioli massacre

Still just his mama's baby

Had to tilt the gizmo-stroller-contraption back because little bugger kept dragging his toes 

The house I plan on moving to in Red Lodge

"Bears... Beets... Battlestar Gallactica." 

Fun fact: the building this actually happened in is across the street

Maybe I need to talk to Mr. Webster about the definition of "overkill" but I'd like to think anyone in their right mind would take 14,000 pictures of a kid this sweet, too.


I am not one prone to exaggeration. 

A nice glass of water - that he went "swimming" in

Don't worry... There are more where this came from.

Oh, and you know what else is cute?



  1. How cute is that little guy!? Oh my word! How adorable!

    I love Montana! I've been dying to go back soon. My niece is heading to college in Montana next month, and I think we might have to go visit her! : )

  2. Cute pictures! What an adorable baby :)

  3. Oh, kids! Yes, they are adorable even at their most devious. This Jack reminds me so much of my own little boy!