guest post | Kate - On the Importance of Drinking Wine

So as my week in Montana rests happily in my memory (and I hang my head in shame that I wasn't on the ball enough to schedule posts while I was gone like a proper blogger) I return with the thrill of presenting you with my lovely Kate from Daffodil's!

*insider tip; enjoy this post with a nice glass of wine - or a glass of nice wine* 


Normally, I would start a guest post by properly introducing myself (yea, you can click on the link to see my blog, but I trust that Lauren will pimp me out a bit anyways). But in this case, this introduction must wait until I make my amends for the lateness of my guest posting. You see, Lauren asked me to guest while she was celebrating in our country's heartland, and I told her I would, but then got distracted by my two crazy sons, my handsome hubby and our return to the West Coast after a month on the East. So in a way, my apology becomes an introduction because, that is who I am: a mother of two, an East Coaster transplanted to the West in order to support hub's Army career and a blogger who relishes in Lauren's amazing adventures.

But for reference, this is me, and the 3 that distract me from granting my friends with guest posts:

While I was on vay-cay, {a timely) Lauren guest posted for me about the importance of drinking black coffee, one of the many things we have bonded over. And after mulling over several topics of which I could return the favor, there really only seemed to be one that is appropriate: wine.

I don't specifically remember my first glass of wine. The best I can recall, it was at Christmas at my Oma and Opas (my paternal grandparents) and I was in my early teens. They poured me a glass of White Zinfandel and my mom curtly nodded, letting me know that it was ok to have a sip {zip, if you were my German grandparents}. I hated the first taste, but loved the idea of drinking wine out of a pretty crystal glass and from that moment began paying attention to this great event that is a glass of wine.

Fast forward to my senior year of college, which was only one semester, and to the power of my legal ID which allowed me to buy wine before heading to the bar. Did anyone else have a moment of empowerment when they bought their first double bottle of Bella Serra? Because I did. In my realm of knowledge, buying wine made me grown up: prepared for the challenges of an early college graduate, ready for the love I was feeling in my heart for a man who would eventually become my husband but was currently an email friend in Iraq and accepting to face the challenges of adulthood even though I was premature in graduating. Something about drinking wine, even though it was cheap and terrible, gave me a sense of being an adult. It gave me confidence that I was ready to take on the life which I had chosen.

Another few years passed and wine continued to be an important contributor to my life. When Kev (the hubs) came home on R and R we sent a day out at the wineries in VA.

O heyyyy 2007

 When we moved to Winston, it became a weekend activity after our first child came along.

Cullen loves wineries: yay!

And then, the day after our second son was born, it was such an important factor, that a girlfriend of mine actually brought a bottle and two solo cups to the hospital so we could celebrate Bennett's little day old life.

When I first started learning about wine (and good wine), I never imagined that I would live in California, in the land of amazing wineries at every corner. But the Army had plans for us and in Monterey we landed. And honestly, it wasn't until we moved here that I realized blogging could be such an amazing network of supporting women, who like me, appreciated a quality glass of wine.

One fateful day, I was comment hoping amongst blogs and stumbled upon this lovely lady's corner of the internet. I saw her 'about me', which included wine and cheese, and then I have read enough. I left a comment, she responded, and the friendship that has ensued is worth a seriously good bottle of wine

Maybe the Pinot one she sent me a month ago.

 But, let's be honest, it probably won't last that long.

And besides, this blate will need its own vintage.


Thank you Kate! 

I hope you've all had a great weekend and I can't wait to share all the photos and adventures from the part of the country where I'm pretty sure God went to get inspired (have you ever been to Montana? Beautiful. And I'm not just talking about the cowboys). 


  1. As I sit here, stemmed glass in hand, I thank you ladies for sharing your lovely words and inspirations.

  2. I'm s..l..o..w..l..y developing a taste for wine in the sense that I'll drink it if it's sweet. I think I keep trying because it seems much classier than my bottle of Boone's that's in the fridge...and the bottle of tequila on top of the fridge.

  3. food and wine are my simple pleasures.