montana | the beartooth mountains & yellowstone

Laura and I have always had a habit, I think I mentioned it before, of starting out doing one thing and letting it evolve into a whole day's adventure. 

example: brunch becomes walk around downtown becomes let's-get-cupcakes becomes browsing through shops becomes drinks becomes dinner becomes talking-on-the-couch-with-a-bottle-of-pinot-until-all-hours

We have an MO and we stick to it.

The best part though is that we never plan it like that. It always just happens.

We are adventurers! Come what may!

Happy little campers we were.

I should have named him. Ah, hindsight.

"Nice marmot."

So was I really that surprised when our plan to drive the Beartooth Pass took us to Wyoming only to realize we were less than an hour from Yellowstone which meant we obviously had to keep driving?

No. No I was not.

So on to Yellowstone we trekked!

And adventures were had...

"Cottonwood falling like snow in Ju-ly..."

(oh, wait, actual snow in July... Nevermind Luke Bryan, nevermind)

One can only assume they hand this flyer out because natural selection isn't doing its job.

But more importantly, are you ready for a wild animal extravaganza?

Bison. About 5 feet away from our car.



(you know, that fuzzy thing in the middle of the photo... no, I was not going to get any closer)

Red fox.

This is possibly my favorite non-Jack photo of the entire trip.

Serendipity was too kind in allowing me to catch this exact moment.

He looks like he's screaming. 

With joy of course.

Driving home held one of those moments... One of those moments with one of those sights that reminds you how wonderfully small you are and how astoundingly great God is.

I was speechless.

I could have lived in this moment, looking at this creation, forever.

And the adventures weren't over yet...


  1. Omg what a gorgeous place!! And a grizzly bear?!?! Did you shriek after you took that picture???

  2. I suppose the snowy mountains do make for amazing views (whatever...:)
    We have the cottonwood falling here too. It piles up in little drifts everywhere.
    I know you didn't shriek in front of the bear. The rule at Denali is to not talk around the animals. Because, according to the expert tour guides there, the animals can hear you and will then become accustomed to human voices and all hell will break loose...

  3. Holy photos. Yellowstone has been on our 'if we get to it' list, but now it has been upped to bucket list. How amazing.

    O and remember how I said I would write you back today? I accidently checked out Mockingjay from the library and got distracted. Tomorrow, tomorrow.