montana | camping at cooney

So remember that time I was excited to go to Montana because while Oregon was still convinced it must be October and therefore let's rain, rain, rain! good ol' Big Sky Country promised nothing but sun, sun, sun!

And it was!

95-100 degrees everyday! And gloriously dry heat (which makes this heat-fearing lady a sun-worshipper because it means the air doesn't feel like it's sticking to the very surface of my skin like some climate-leech)! 


Except the one bloody day we set aside to take the RV camping at Cooney Reservoir.

55-60 degrees and pissing rain with wind enough to make you think a crotchety old hag on a bicycle might fling by in a twister and drop some ruby slippers in your lap.

Cute, Montana. Real cute.

We decided to blame the babies.

Both native Oregonians and therefore clearly in control of the weather.

(nevermind that Montana was so dry we couldn't even have a campfire so the rains were actually entirely welcomed and desperately needed by the fire-ridden state)

Jack wasn't too concerned with the cool weather or grey skies.

He had an entire campsite full of gravel to throw around and boy, that's all a baby could ask for.

That and nudity.

Which he also took advantage of.

Of course when the moms opted to take the little popsicles indoors neither seemed to mind.

Moment to dwell on Graesyn here for a sec: now I love my Jack, ain't no doubting that.

But Graesyn is such a little mound of baby pudge. With the ability to pierce your soul with eyes as blue as glaciers and a sweet disposition that makes you forget his sleeping habits merit the quiet delicacy of dismantling an atomic bomb, the kid has you hooked within seconds. 

Jack definitely can't compete with his cousin's belly, but he gives it a good go.

While the boys played, this auntie took the opportunity to indulge in the nastiest, gut-rottingest, most delicious junk food she could find.

And a local micro-brew that I can't wait to track down here in the PNW.

Can we all also spend a little time getting a kick out of this old photo of John and his buddies back in high school? This was the only decor in the whole joint. Well done.

And lest we forget the game Josh invented...

The game that involved tucking Graesyn into the stroller, wheeling him up the slight incline behind the campsite and letting gravity do its thang while Dad raced down to catch it before it entered the roadway.

Totally safe and should never raise a flag with CPS.

(for what it's worth, Baby Grae was tickled pink by the whole thing - two fat little baby thumbs up!)

Lauryn sitting next to our makeshift campfire (read: camp stove) trying to stay warm during the downpour. 

After the storm though...

After the storm the sunset put on a show that outdid even the great masters hanging in the galleries of Europe...

Montana: 4,000 Everywhere Else: good luck


  1. WOW to that sunset. And holy belly batman, I love that picture of the baby pudge.

    Also love the description of how careful you have to be after Graesyn goes to sleep- perfection!!


    That last photo is stunning. So beautiful!

  3. I love re-living that wonderful week through your blog. I miss you so much! xoxxxoxxxo

  4. Such amazing pictures Lauren! I don't know which one to talk about. How about the baby pudge? Love. And the daddy game. That would totally happen in my house. Will you come over and take some pics of my family? k, thanks.