some photos of mike & jared that make me giggle... and a happy weekend to all

Fireman & Firestine.

Mike's last name is very fitting to his gingery self. He has the most magnificent, flaming red hair you ever did see. We, his adoring public, are particularly fond of it in its bearded form.

I like it when there two are together. 

Back when Jared and Mike were roommates? Those were some of the happiest times of my life. 

On an unrelated note, this is Mike's victory stance. 

And his victory chops.

Are those chops?

What is the correct term for that creative facial hair up there?

On an even more unrelated note, I can't remember what point he was trying to make with that there bourbon, but I really like his face in this photo.

He probably will not like it so much.

Good thing he never reads this.

I can practically hear the admonishing, "LAIREN!" from here. 

Here's to the first weekend in November and being that much closer to Thanksgiving dinner!


  1. These photos made me smile, so thanks for brightening my Monday!!