weekly gratitude | thanksgiving edition

thank you ever-trusty boots for keeping my feet (mostly) dry

I am thankful. 

And when I feel myself slip, when I indulge the occasional black cloud overhead, when I allow myself to wallow... I always pull myself back to gratitude.

He pulls me back. 

He reminds me who I am and where I am and what He's done for me and that even when all else fails, I have Him forever. No matter what. 

That alone should be enough (and trust me, it is) but who would I be without all of people and places and things (you know, the nouns) that color my world?

I am perpetually blown away by this life. 

Grace by definition is unmerited, unearned, undeserved favor and as I look around me I am humbled by the fact that I've got that. 

I've got that in spades.

Most importantly, I've got that in the form of my dad, my mom, my grandma Farmer, my uncle, my grandpa Morton, Blake, Brigette & Mac, Katy, Jared, Robin & Dean, Michull & Maggie, Shamoo, Laura & John (and Jack!), Jodi & Scott, Caitlyn, Mari, Kate (and Marme!), Jenn, Gary, Frankie & Matty, Andrea & Dave (and Kamdyn!), Alyssa & Luke, Terra & Nathan, Dakota, Forrest, Tom, Sue, Lorrie, the Alters, the Bandors, the Bakers, Janet, Eric & Andrew, Scott & Billy, Mike & Heather, Janna & Mark, Wendy, Jennifer,  Patt, Paul, Don, Maria, Lizz (and Eleanora!), Ashley & Brandon, Nathan, Tayler, Jackie, Lisa & Helios, Benita, Martha, Jessi, Stephanie, Kristin, Erin, Dani, Dave & Cheryl (and all the people of my missional community!), Doreen, Anna, Anne, Trudy, Debbie, John Mark, Phil & Diane, Ian, Jose, Dominic... So many more, and if I've left your name out I truly apologize because you must believe me when I promise you it does not mean you are any less vital a part of what makes up the tapestry of my gratitude! 

(it just means that somewhere in this stream of consciousness I probably got distracted by the stuffing I've got in the oven and the onions caramelizing on the stove!)

I am overwhelmed by love and thanks and praise and hope and happiness and joy and eternal grace. 

Even when things are at their bleakest, I will remember all these things - these people - who have helped define my life and I will be grateful that I can call them my own. 

Thank you to everyone who makes my life what it is:




  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you!!! I think this is the most thankful Thanksgiving I've ever had. I hope I can continue to maintain this level of gratitude throughout the year! Definitely thankful for you!!!

  2. Thankful for you and your beautiful words and for the weekend of Jan 25. Happy thanksgiving my sweet friend!

  3. Beautiful! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!