the great pumpkin swap

Can we back up for a moment? Yes, let's.

I'd like to just do a quick describe of my living situation:

My apartment is in the attic of an old house. The staircase to get to my door is around the back of said house and basically, unless you know it's there, you'd never know I'm up here.

(unless you see a girl walking on the roof of the garage my porch, then yes, you'd probably know)

But the best part of this hidden living is the mail situation. 

Mail arrives to my landlords, they sort out what's theirs and what's mine (great for the junk mail aggravation) and that's that! I also have a theory that the precarious location of the front door keeps me from ordering take out and thus saving both my wallet and waistline, but that's another story for another time...

What I'm here to talk about is The Great Pumpkin Swap!

Kristin and Allie hosted a swap of autumnal goodies and I was paired up with Kristen down in Texas (go say hi!)! The minute I opened the box I knew this was a girl after my own heart... Candles, owls and soup?

Done and done. 

The general love of mail is part of what keeps this blog world of ours together and when it's a box full of fall (there, I said "fall"... And I will never live it down), I'm that much more enthusiastic! 

(more exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I can't say for sure what heaven smells like, but I'm pretty sure there's a chance at least one wall is a scratch n' sniff of this scent.

Oh, these will be scattered, you best believe it.

And the owls? I shall name every one of them Hounslow.

And these earrings? Perfect.

And finally, since it is barely 50 degrees outside (and I actually put on pants) you know it's cold enough to be soup weather! 

I think my favorite part of this swap was that Kristen and I put together such similar boxes for each other! Both had cider fixins, autumn leaves, a little bauble and tasty treats! 

Thank you Kristen! I'm actually having some cider now! 

And Hounslow is staring at me. 

Go say hi to Kristen and see what the Great Pumpkin brought to all the other children in blogland! 


  1. Those felt cut-outs are freaking adorable. And an owl? Perfect. Enjoy that soup. Looks yummy!
    Thanks for taking part, glad I could count on your support :)

  2. Wow that soup looks delicious and I echo Kristin with the cuteness of the felt animals. I swear, everyone in this swap got something owl-related! Must be the animal of the season (...even though I don't think that's a thing haha)

    Meg @

  3. I am fairly certain that bloggers are keeping the Postal Service alive. She did a great job with your gift!

  4. Tasty treats are pretty much the best. 'Looks like a lovely swap!