DIY | pinecone garland

I need to stop pretending these DIY adventures of mine are worthy of a tutorial...

However, to be fair, if I saw this kind of thing on a blog I'd probably pin it faster than you can say "be-sure-there-are-no-tiny-bugs-on-the-pinecones-you-bring-inside".

(lesson learned)


Materials needed:

pinecones (I used five)

Do you mind if I take a moment to be really excited about finding this giant spool of twine at Cash 'N Carry for $10? I'll be using this for the rest of my life.

Also, these pinecones are really pretty. Thank you giant trees outside my house. 

So here's what you do... Carefully nudge the twine down into the pinecone (I was pleasantly surprised how easily it hid itself in there) and tie off at desired intervals.

Like so.

When finished, hang and admire!

(it's there, above the frames, dangling invisibly against a white wall... I promise)

(and yes, that's a lot of wine - and three kinds of whiskey to the right of the shelf)

Oh, here's a better one...

I love it. And I plan on doing this with little sprigs of pine once they dry out a little (oh, hey, weird, it's raining again here in the northwest!).

And the end.


  1. I like this! We have A TON of pinecones in our backyard & they're just screaming to be made into garland!! :D

  2. I keep looking for pinecones on our walks and then I wonder, "WHY am I looking for these?? I haven't consulted Pinterest lately to know what to do with them!?" Thank you. Now I'm adding twine to my Hobby Lobby list.

  3. Holy wine cabinet. Maybe we should switch the blate to your house.

  4. I love this! Thanks for sharing!!!