(almost) birthday twin

This picture from is to commemorate one of the many times Jodi and I ended up wearing almost identical outfits to work.

((and apparently our ability to pose like sorority girls? I mean, what the hell IS that?)) 

Anyway... We would go on to do this no fewer than about a dozen times in the nearly three years we worked together. 

No one was surprised by this.

Unnerved maybe, but not surprised. 

My aim here is not to point out our abilities to inadvertently read each other's minds when getting dressed in the morning but to wish my beautiful girl a very 


Love you, lady. Thank you for being one of my true heart sisters. 


Update since I wrote this: so Blogger gets a side-eye from me on this one because I thought I had this post scheduled for my girl's birthday on the 5th but then apparently Blogger's queue ate it, or something, so hence the lateness. 

Boo, Blogger... Boooo. 


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