oh baby, baby!

Ashley was one of the first friends I made when I moved to Portland five years ago. There's no way I could have known then that when I met that teeny little blond lady from Louisiana I was meeting one of  my best friends. 

Through new jobs, new homes, break-ups, heartaches, overwhelming excitement and joys, we've been through so much and now, I get to see her become the mother she's always wanted to be!

She and Brandon, a little taste of the deep south here in the Pacific Northwest, are two of my favorite people and to see them as parents is already one of my favorite things like, ever. 

Especially since Brandon is already taking it very seriously.

((actually, he is... Ash isn't even allowed to press on her tummy because he doesn't want her to pester baby))

But really, having the chance to photograph this sweet little family before the arrival of my sweet baby niece was probably one of my favorite shoots to date!

We went out to Edgefield a couple weeks ago and in between the early onset of autumn rain ((and a few beers along the way for those of us not with child)) I'd say we did baby girl proud.

This pretty little mama... Oh my goodness.

To be fair, they're both taking this whole parenthood thing pretty seriously. 

This kid is gonna have the most awesome parents. 

Oh, and also, this squirrel was awesome. I'm glad we were all dealing with attention spans the equivalent of a fruit fly that day. 

Oh hi, baby girl! Can't wait to meet you!

So when Olivia Grace gets here, just go ahead and brace yourself for baby picture overload...

Because you never get that here on this blog.


  1. You have the longest list of best friends! I bet everyone of them loves you just as much as you do them.

  2. Olivia Grace??! Prettiest name ever! I love his face in the 4th photo! Great shots as always :)

  3. i'm not one for maternity photos, but i absolutely love these. i can't get out of that marvelous doorway in the middle of nowhere!