it's been a busy few days

For my first week of twenty seven I have:

both caught up, and then fallen immediately behind, on sleep

smiled a whole lot

become quite smitten ((smitfaced - thanks for coining that one, Deaner))

taken over 1,200 photos, spanning two photoshoots

then, in turn, fallen woefully behind on editing said mountain of photos

dropped a bottle of wine on my right big toe

made peace with the fact that I will probably lose my right big toenail
((a bientot, little friend - it's been nice knowing you))

made the command decision to maybe update this blog once in a while
((mission accomplished?))

developed a deep grudge against geography for making North Carolina and Oregon way too far apart

made some really bittersweet, but ultimately really exciting professional decisions

reaffirmed why my friends are better than yours
((I mean, at least in my completely biased opinion))

reaffirmed why my friends are more offensive than yours
((this one, I'm sorry to say, is non-negotiable))

walked through a spider web that then got caught in my eyelashes - Julie Andrews ain't singin' about that one, folks

eaten my weight in zucchini

decided it needs to be January already

decided also that no wait, let's do autumn first

gotten really, really excited about this new season of life

So yeah... Things are pretty good.

How are you?


  1. Yay! I'm so glad things are going so well for you! Can't wait to read more about this wonderful season in your life :)

  2. When's the first trip? I need more details (which, obviously could be shared via email, but you are all flaunting your smitfacedness on the internets, so the questions must be asked). I hear DC is a great meeting place, right in between Portland and DC.

  3. Uh, January? Can I ask what's wrong with you? :)

  4. Me too, I can't get enough of zucchini right now:) Love that photo, sweetie. Muah