art on the vine auction

Jodi and I were pouring at an art auction the other night held at The Portland Art Museum to benefit the Oregon College of Arts and Crafts. It was one of those big, snazzy, money affairs which for us basically meant two things:

1) We got to dress up and,

2) We got to enjoy some really good food & wine

(optional third item on this list - we got paid to do this)

Jodi's husband Scott and Jared were good sports about it - they didn't mind getting dressed up either. Or the open bar. 
One of these days he will smack the camera right out of my hand. 

Yes, she bought this belt to match her shoes.

String quintet. NBD.  
Poor little Sebastian. (too far?) 
Contrast is bad, but please notice that the medium for this piece is apparently "egg tempura". Yeah.
Scott and Jodi - probably aghast at something "artistic" up for auction
photo courtesy of Matty at The Triple Nickel afterward (because we were the fanciest people there)

All in all, a festive night. 

And that was that.