the camaraderie - reunited and it feels so good

These are the photos that we'll look back on one day and think,

"Keep Portland Weird, huh? Well, we were just doing our part."

And then we'll raise a glass, yet another in the long line of toasts over the years, to that time in our lives when we all lived in Portland.

And happiness was just part of the game. 

Because we were just a bunch of goofy kids, making ends meet but always working toward that wonderful possibility of the future - even if we didn't know exactly what that looked like yet. 

Just knowing it was there was enough.

We could count our blessings, knowing they far outweighed anything else, and pray that life would always hold that - at least that - come what may.


"Those were good times," we'll say. "The best."

And you know what?

They are. 

They really, truly are. 


  1. I want to come play! Can you imagine mine mixed in with that lot, we may get kicked out

  2. Awesome photos. And memories!
    Is Portland weird?? (joking) (:

  3. You do such a good job of using words to capture that feeling, the one you get when the glasses clink or everybody laughs and you realize that this is going to be a memory one day, and you try to lock it up in your brain so it stays just right. Kudos.