challenge extended... challenge accepted

With any luck I'll have time to do a proper post later tonight,
but for now this will have to do as I am running out the door to jet around downtown then meet Miss Jodi to take some photos for her new event planning business! 


But for now, I will leave you with scenes from the ongoing Battle of the Challenge Coins

Jodi's husband Scott and I each know the other carries a challenge coin. And we've not missed an opportunity to try and best one another (he already got me once at the art auction a couple weeks ago - silly me, forgot to put it in my fancy little clutch that night).

Of course I don't mind losing to the guy - he is, after all, an actual Marine while I, on the other hand, know how to spell Marine.

(though, in case you're wondering, I did earn my challenge coin from a Colonel in the Air Force for being a loyal friend of the military - boom)

So last night I was over at Jodi's and in walks Scott, casually slapping down the coin with the familiar tinking of metal on a hard surface.

I bet he thought he'd get me again... HA! Not so Buell! 

I was ready for it. Like a boy scout (only, you know, a girl) I was prepared!

But I'll keep you updated as the battle wages on.

scott's drink actually was cold as the rockies


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