weekly gratitude

thank you wrangler boots for helping me fit in at the colony

I meant to get this up last night of course (can I get a "that's what she said"?).

Instead, I fell asleep somewhere before 10:30 and woke up to the DVD menu for The Office.

Almost the same thing.

I blame the girl scout cookies (Samoas, of course - is it just me, or are those cookies getting smaller?) for lulling me into a coma. Or the fitful night's sleep I had the night before. Either way, not my fault!

(kinda my fault)


1. Thank you for Robin. Saturday night I was deep in the mire of frustration and cursing myself for allowing my doubt to control me (woe is me, woe is me, mea culpa, mea culpa, not the point of this one!). But there I was trying to calm myself down and praying so hard for some kind of answer when my little phone ding, dings! at me. At about quarter after midnight I get a text from Robin asking if I'm awake. Being in a nice negative mood I was preparing for some sort of cosmic deathblow to really do me in for the night, but instead I got this: "You should listen to Azure Ray 'Sea of Doubts'". Umm... How about a dose of exactly what you need right when you need it? Yes please, I'll take it. Cosmic coincidence? I think not. Someone looking out for me? I'll go with that. 

2. Thank you for Thursday afternoon. Sunshine, a French bakery, writing and coffee... How is this a bad idea? It was perfect. 

3. Thank you for challenges. We're all accustomed to the ebb and flow of life, and when dealing with the ebb (I'm assuming that's the bad one), as much as we all hate it, I'm glad for the chance to prove ourselves. And the chance to prove to ourselves that we can keep plugging along and come out the other side stronger and better. 


It's sunny again today so I'm going to enjoy the drive into work for my meeting and be really grateful for the windows that flank the place. 

Also for the kittens that were born Friday night! Can't wait to watch the little Meows grow up!


  1. Im always thankful for sunshine :) And I feel sleep laying with Cullen last night at 830..Kev had to come get me. How's that for sad?