montana demands a week long hiatus and I am powerless to resist

Tomorrow morning, at the unholy hour of 6 o'clock, I will be on a plane.

I'm heading to Montana for the week where I will: 

cuddle with the handsome little bugger (who is definitely not this little anymore)

hug this lady right here (and threaten to never let go)

and probably knock back a whiskey or two with this guy (who is totally going to protect us from grizzly bears, right?!)


All this to say I'm really excited to have a whole week of minimal phone service (though who am I kidding, I'll be trying ti Instagram every chance I get), no computer and friends I haven't seen in far too long!

I'll be back next week with one helluva Weekly Gratitude, I'm sure - which will actually be two weeks worth of thankfulness because a) I won't be at a computer Sunday night and, b) I barely have time to shovel this Lean Cuisine into mah belly tonight what with packing, showering and double-checking what I packed, to sit write a proper WG post for this week so...

Have a wonderful week!
 A Happy 4th of July!
(and if you're feelin' lucky I might sneak in a guest poster to keep you company while I'm gone!) 


  1. I am loving following your Instagram while you are gone because I am (a) fascinated with Montana. What exactly goes on there? and (b) smitten with your nephew.

  2. Going off the grid for a few days is always refreshing, especially when you get to spend that quality time with the people you love. Instagram will still be here when you get back, I promise.