CAP // Bat 'n Rouge

Gonna go right ahead and let these photos (and Andrew's impressive abs as seen above) do the talking.

Thanks again to everyone at Cascade Aids Project for such a wonderful event and the chance to be a part of it!

"The Calvinator" playing for the team "The Ambiguously Gay Heroes"

Two of the Mighty Marilyns

Andrew's body lowers my self esteem

Portland's very own Darcelle threw out the first pitch

Shamoo came to play too! Helps to be related to the man in charge. 

The point in the game where a Beach Boy stole Marilyn's wig

Where was the ump?!

He wasn't mad about this... It was 97 degrees outside (I was jealous)

Time out called to remove their wigs

Allie McQueen (in black) workin' the outfield

The wig lineup

Jeff's a dancer... Andrew is just an enabler 

Laura may or may not have been hiding a farmer's tan with those floaties 

Darcelle - straight up gangsta

Can I hardly wait for  Bat 'N Rouge 2013? 

You bet your sweet bippy. 


  1. Best shot? The wigs, or that last one, or your friend who has abs like my wine glass will never allow. Awesome job, my friend!

  2. SO SO FUNNY! And Darcelle is a gansta!