fire update | waterfalls 2 fire

Jared got dispatched again! 

He's out in Warm Springs, Oregon on the Waterfalls 2 Fire. With fire behavior, terrain, and growth potential all classified as extreme it looks like he might get another full two week run out of it!

This time he's actually been dispatched as part of a two man "crew" working with a Palm IR (if I understood it correctly) which means he gets to play with a sweet infrared camera to locate hotspots. It's not initial attack, but it's one more feather of experience to stick in his cap... Or helmet, as the case may be! 

(I think it's pretty cool anyway)

The fire is already at over 9,000 acres and only about 10% contained at this point so it's pretty unlikely that it will wrap up any time soon (they're predicting containment by September 15th). 

Please keep him (and all of the over 700 men and women fighting this fire) in your prayers! 

(photo via Inciweb)