weekly gratitude

thank you to the back of my couch for being the perfect footrest (even though I was contorted at odd angles while watching 30 Rock)

Life has been restless lately. 

It's almost like that feeling of being on the brink of something but what? Hell, I have no idea. 

I'm antsy. 
I can feel ideas and projects and all kinds of life brewing in my head but...
Ah... Doing it... There's the rub.

Ever feel that way?

It's the motivation I'm finding so elusive these days. And the intimidation of seeing the mountain of "to-do" building higher and higher in front of me.

But you know what? The winds they are a-shiftin'...

That smell in the air? It's different. It's distinctive. It's unmistakable

Autumn is on its way.

And with it the season I often feel the most me

So I'll stop fretting about so many little things... 

Take a deep breath...

And relax. 


1. Thank you for church coffee! There's a chance I've listed this before, but I'll say it again: church coffee is the best. It's always strong, it's always hot and it's the perfect way to start my favorite day of the week. 

(there's a man joke in there somewhere)

2. Thank you for movie nights with Nathan! Once he moved off my couch it became virtually impossible to catch up with the guy. Between our two schedules it's not surprising (especially now that he will be teaching at George Fox University come Spring - go Nathan!) but we've found that Friday nights are usually a good time to meet up for a drink and a movie at my old stomping grounds, Living Room Theaters. Last weekend we saw "Beasts of the Southern Wild" - ya'll (southern verbiage is fun - and a sign that I talk to Jenn a lot) need to see this movie. It's magic. It's gut-wrenching. And neither of us has been able to stop talking about it. 

3. Thank you for all of you. The sweet comments and emails I received after posting my little freak out filled my heart to the brim. Smiles and tears ensued (all for the best reasons!) and I am so, so thankful for the kindness shown by this amazing community. Is there a way to hug every one of you? Look into it, let me know and I'll get right on it! Luckily, I know where to find my little wombat Brigette and will be attacking her the next time I see her with hugs (not just because that's what we do - yeah, we cause a scene) but because her phone call making sure things were okay on my end meant the absolute world to me. She knew just what to say and helped me rearrange my brain in the way only a best friend can. I am so thankful that she knows me so well and knows how to reel me back in. 

Love. At you. All the way from here to there. 

4. Thank you for wine tasting days! Mari, you know how to lead the best mini wine tours in the world! And how to find the coolest spots to down a beer in the Willamette Valley. The highlight - aside from the sandwiches we got at a little market in McMinnville (hello avocado, cream cheese, sprouts, olives and sunflower seeds on whole wheat bread!) - was by far getting a private tasting from Bethany (and her sweet baby boy Beckett) at Illahe Vineyards! Bethany knew Mari and as an even more fun twist of fate, went to college with Mari's friend Libby who was with us as well! So the four of us ladies sat out on the patio sipping pinot, looking out over the vineyards and getting entirely distracted by the sweetness of the wee baby Beckett. The day also may or may not have ended with us wearing crowns made of hops in the Chatoe Rogue hopyard and various chickens and turkeys trying to share our lunch.  Willamette Valley perfection right there!


And suddenly it's almost midnight again...

Anyone else fall asleep already?


  1. You are the best. Love your Sunday posts and LOVE that you have the grammar in place to help a potential Southern transplant who might find themselves in the PNW. ;)

  2. Gratitude Days are the Best. Take care lovely lady