recipe | fresh cherry + rosemary ham pizza (and a link-up)

My dear, sweet Kate is hosting a virtual cocktail party (I know, if this isn't one of the best things about blog life I don't know what is) and kids, I'm here to bring you a taste of my contribution to the shindig.

This pizza?

Oh, this pizza.

I made it the other night for dinner with Shamoo (along with another, manlier pizza with smoked gouda and bacon - yeah, hold on to your horsey holders for that one) and was supremely tickled with the results. 

It was light enough that I'd enjoy it as an appetizer, but just hearty enough to hit the dinner spot too (though that probably had more to do with the fact that I ate all but the two pieces Shamoo inhaled, and less to do with the actual delicacy of the dish).

Do I digress?

Anyway, back to my point...

If I were to pick something to bring to the table at a cocktail party hosted by the lady of the house over there at Daffodil's, this would be it (I'm not good with appetizers most of the time - I'm more of a main course kinda cook). 

I paired it with a crisp Oregon pinot gris, but I'd venture a guess that a lovely summer cocktail would do the trick as well (how about Mint Tea + Lemonade + Gin? Yespleaseandthankyou)!

So in your blog-trolling this afternoon, drop in and see what we were all able to scare up and clink a glass with the rest of us over at Kate's blog!


Fresh Cherry + Rosemary Ham Pizza

(most measurements are approximate)

pizza dough of your choice (I used Trader Joe's)
alfredo sauce of your choice (again, I used Trader Joe's)
a handful of fresh cherries, pitted & quartered 
{rosemary} ham, or prosciutto (Trader Joe's has this amazing rosemary-crusted ham that I'd highly recommend)
fresh asparagus, cut to bite-size
crumbled goat cheese
garlic cloves, sliced or minced
dried rosemary, crumbled
fresh ground black pepper
light sprinkle of salt
olive oil


1. preheat oven to temp required by dough recipe/package instructions - prepare pizza dough to be placed in oven on either a foil-lined cooking sheet or pizza stone if you have one (I suggest lightly greasing either one with a bit of olive oil)
2. spoon desired amount of alfredo sauce onto dough, spread out evenly
3. in a medium pan, heat some olive oil over medium heat - lightly sauté asparagus and garlic until almost done, but not quite (it will continue cooking on pizza in oven)
4. assemble pizza - tear ham and place evenly on pizza, add asparagus & garlic, cherries and goat cheese in the same manner
5. dust assembled pizza with pepper, dried rosemary and salt to taste, lightly drizzle with olive if you want
6. place in oven and cook either to package directions or until done (I checked on the ruddy thing compulsively - it's a strange curse habit)
7. remove from oven and enjoy with beverage of your choice!


Thanks again to Kate for being our lovely host! 

(gets me even more excited for our blate!)


  1. That looks and sounds so delicious!!! And Gouda with bacon? Oh my yum.